"Home away from home"

Zondag 12/10, 16u15. Een eerste regenvlaag trekt over residentie De Meester. Het is rustig nu. De eerste was van de Filipijnenreis hangt te bengelen op het terras, de kasama – companion houdt zijn siesta…

Maar laat ons beginnen bij het begin.

Impeachment of a President

On July 21st, a group of 27 people, amongst which were leaders of progressive movements, members of the clergy, lawyers, congressmen and other high-profile figures filed an impeachment complaint against President Aquino. If you've always wanted to impeach a president yourself, here's a simple 5-step program you can follow.

Antwerpen springt in het leven van de Colombiaanse boer

Zwoele tropische temperaturen en talentrijke acteurs, meer hadden we niet nodig om ons helemaal in te leven in de Colombiaanse realiteit.

"Noynoy! Aquino! Disaster President!"

Mabuhay uit het snikhete Manila!

Black sand mining: a threat to people's health and food security

The proliferation of black sand mining in an area covered by the ancestral land of the Aetas (indigenous people) in Zambales is posing a grave threat to the people's health and food security.

Entire mountains are removed to satisfy corporate greed

Health groups, poor slam the privatization of Philippine Orthopedic Center

On February 27, several groups of health professionals, workers, students and employees and relatives of patients of the Philippine Orthopedic Center (POC) gathered in front of the Supreme Court (SC) and held a candlelight vigil to protest the impending privatization of the POC in particular and the public health services in general.

Venezuela na de verkiezingsstorm

De kelder van De Groene Waterman liep goed vol voor de komst van de Venezolaanse ambassadeur Antonio García en de vertoning van de film 'Abril, entre la paz y la rabia'.  De avond, die een 40-tal aanwezigen lokte was georganiseerd door de Antwerpse afdelingen van ICS en intal.

Occupy, Resist, Produce!

In the mean time, half of the week has already past, and we start to feel the recoil of all the information we absorb, the discussions, meetings, dinners that soon become parties until late in the night. But we still manage to get up early! Motivation is the strongest weapon against hangovers…

Rhytms of Resistance

After the experience of Chalkidiki, we could not just do nothing.

Some of the group have some experience with samba and making music as a way of protest.

This was the result:

Chalkidiki SOS

Chalkidiki SOS


SOS Chalkidiki!

On this 1 week course, there are also field trips scheduled. One of these fieldtrips is just south of Thessaloniki, to Chalkidiki. A magnificent peninsula, with beautiful mountains, beaches and vast forests. It counts numerous historic sites dating from the 8th century BC up to today. Aristotle was born here, in the city of Stageira. We first go for a walk in this green area. To catch some fresh air. Babble and talk and laugh. The whole bunch of us. We come to a lovely river and cross it like a solidary, migrating herd.