Internationale solidariteit na de aanslagen van dinsdag in Brussel

Na de verschrikkelijke gebeurtenissen van dinsdag 22 maart worden we allen overvallen door gevoelens van verdriet, boosheid en angst, maar ook solidariteit. Dit zien we in de bijeenkomsten aan de Beurs in Brussel en ook in andere delen van de wereld. Het doet me wat: foto's van een wake in Manila voor de slachtoffers, een solidariteitsboodschap uit Brazilië, ... Enkel samen kunnen we een antwoord bieden tegen haat. We also got messages of solidarity from Turkey, from Greece, ..

Boodschap van Cebrapaz in Brazilië nav de aanslag. Hieronder in het Engels:

Cebrapaz expresses its sorrow and condemns terrorist attack in Brussels

It was with great concern and sorrow that the Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace (Cebrapaz) received the news on yet another brutal terrorist attack, this time at the European capital Brussels. With over 30 people dead and 270 injured, the responsibility for the new attack was already claimed by the terrorist organization which calls itself "Islamic State", according to the international media. The attack in Brussels calls the peoples' attention once more to their shared challenge on the struggle against this brutal form of aggression based on the fear and the threat against civilian populations.

We express our deepest condolences to the victims' families and our solidarity with the Belgian people, who join the French, the Lebanese, the Yemeni, Nigerian, the Iraqi, the Syrian and the Afghan, among others, victims of terrorism and terrorist groups, acting ever more threatening and disseminated.

We support the peoples in their demands for safety, and we denounce the imperialist policies by the European Union and the United States, who count on their armed wing, NATO, promoting the chaotic situations in which this form of action, terrorism, founds fertile ground.

At the same time, we denounce the Western governments' reactions in Europe and the USA, who declare states of exception suspending civil rights and feeding policies ever more xenophobic and racist against migration and against the reception of refugees, people who escape the extreme conditions and humanitarian tragedies in which their countries were thrown.

Cebrapaz reaffirms its solidarity with the peoples who face the threat of terrorism and denounces the governments mobilized in this campaign, who manipulate the fear of their own populations to promote their imperialist agendas violating human rights.

Socorro Gomes,
President of Cebrapaz

22 March 2016

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