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Experiencing work with the multisectoral organisations in Roxas City

Here I am, back in Gabriela office in Manila after living one month in an urban poor community in Roxas City. This month has been one of the most interesting but yet difficult experiences in my whole life. Interesting because it enabled me to learn a lot about the issues of women and other sectors that are marginalised in the Philippines. Difficult, exactly for the same reason.

Meeting with Karapatan


Meeting avec differents groupes de solidarité a Manille

Aujourd'hui, 24 juillet, preparation a la grande manifestation de demain ( SONA- State Of the Nation Adress) avec tous les groupes de solidarite internationaux presents aux philippines.

Live video conference with the Philippines

Nous avons enfin pu communiquer en direct avec quelques uns des 43 Morongs!

Inhoud syndiceren