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Keffiyeh/Made in China: voorbij de cliché's

 Een team van de KVS trok in 2007 naar de bezette Westelijke Jordaanoever om er theater- en dansworkshops te geven aan Palestijnen. Na enkele jaren resulteerde deze samenwerking in de voorstelling ‘Keffiyeh/Made in China’. Vijf Belgen en vijf Palestijnen stonden de afgelopen week op de Brusselse scène om wederzijdse clichés en vooroordelen te doorprikken.

Oproep: Right to Education

Onderwijs is meer dan alleen stoffige boeken en scholen. Onderwijs is de hoeksteen voor positieve sociale veranderingen. Het gidst ons om op te komen voor onze rechten en de rechten van anderen en om ongelijkheid aan te kaarten. Onderwijs is een manier om uit armoede te komen, om conflicten te beëindigen en om de fundamentele waardigheid intrinsiek aan de mensenlijke natuur te omarmen. Het recht op onderwijs is internationaal erkend als een universeel mensenrecht.

Mental health treatment in Palestine: electroshocks and out-dated medicine

The World Health Organisation’s key requirements for mental health treatment include “physical security, social support networks, employment, access to education and healthcare and the opportunities for self-actualisation.” These conditions don’t exist in Palestine, where they are needed most.

The fatality of faithfulness

A victory of right wing Israel in the Cabinet brought the government an important step closer towards hollowing out the so called democracy and the movement towards a fascist regime.

A proposal for a new amendment on the citizenship law was passed in the cabinet on Sunday, that sprouted out of mind of Israel’s foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, demands non-Jews who wish to become Israeli citizens to take an oat of loyalty towards the ‘Jewish and democratic state’ of Israel.

Silwan, to collapse or not to collapse?


Silwan, a contested area

Silwan is a village situated in a valley in East Jerusalem and was taken over by Israel after the six-day war in 1967. The settler organization Elad believes that Silwan is located at the place where King David founded his capital 3000 years ago. The archeologists excavating the site believe they have unearthed proof of King David's city. Palestinian families have been evicted in order to expand this cause.

Resisting the occupation through art

The theater is located in the middle of Jenin refugee camp. The organization’s aspiration is to oppose the subtle psychological and mental occupation by enhancing social change through high quality artistic products. This is a way to break through the cultural isolation imposed by Israel.

Beyond bias in Israël

Salaam, we are two Belgian students international politics. Our strong interest for the Palestinian Israeli conflict was a motivation to travel to Israel and Palestine to do an internship for a Palestinian newspaper called ‘Palestine Monitor’ ( What follows is a first impression of Israel and Jordan.

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