Philippines- the week after!

One month flew by!
Already more then a week back home, unbelievable.

Due to a lack of internet connection, computers and - to be honnest - time, 
the last weeks passed by without a blog entry. Shame on us! 

After Tacloban, our journey brought us to Las Navas - a daylong drive by van. There, we stayed at the vice-mayors house, relaxing untill the real fun began! Buying mineral water for the next days, boots, chocolate-milk, cakes, ... 
A 40' motorcycle ride to Magsaysay, followed by a 2 hour hike (true holiday for Stephanie, true struggle for Eva), brought us to Quirino. This barangay would be the center of the medical mission, a 5-day long mission in the middle of May organized by HEALS and LCDE, providing medical help for all the people of Las Navas. 

A lot of things needed to be done in anticipation of the mission. 
Lobbying for resources - medicines, materials, food, milk for the children, ...
Searching for housing for the staff during the mission.
Lobbying for doctors and nurses.

Together with Daphne (a nurse and know-it-all at HEALS), Ken (a real adventurer and volunteer at LCDE), Doc Shiela (a doctor at HEALS) and Ate Flor (a nursing student and volunteer at HEALS) we visited several barangays in Las Navas; promoting our medical mission, organising consultations, doing house visits for people who weren't able to travel to the mission due to ilness, age, handicap, ...

The mission itself was staffed by several nurses helping in circumcision, a surgeon for minor (in Belgium: not so minor) surgery, a dentist, several doctors doing consultations, community health workers helping out where they could (amazing, trained by the organisations, without any prior medical knowledge, doing circumcisions, tooth extractions, BP messurement, ...), and many other volunteers helping in the farmacy, kitchen, ...)

We were really shocked by the state of health in some people, in Belgium they would been in a hospital for months, even years. Serious heart failure, immobilising tumors, wound necrosis, malformations, ...
If it weren't for all the wonderfull volunteers at HEALS and LCDE, they would have never seen a doctor!




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