UHWC ambulance shelled, health workers injured

I just received a mail message from Evelyn Lernout, representative of Oxfam in the West Bank. She just got a phone call fr om the (Union of Health Work Committees) in Gaza. One of the four ambulances of the UHWC was hit during the Israeli shelling on Beit Lahiya on January 3, while trying to evacuate injured people. The driver (shrapnel in the head) and 2 paramedics (in critical condition) were wounded. At the moment of the phone call, both paramedics were in the operating theatre, one lost his right leg,... Their names: Ala' Sarhan and Arafa' Abdi Daim (the paramedics) and Khalid Sa'ada (the driver). Needless to say, targeting medical vehicles and personnel constitutes a violation of the Geneva Conventions on international humanitarian law.
Following these Israeli attacks on ambulances and medical personnel, and as this has not been the first such attack over the past days, in Ramallah a demonstration was held by the Palestinian health sector (governmental, private and NGOs) against the targetting of medical personnel, vehicals and infrastructure. UHWC-Gaza's emergency work (including ambulance
services) is supported by Oxfam and Medical Aid for the Third World thanks to a donation of the Belgian Government.

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Video over het incident met de ambulancier van Al Awda hospitaal

Al Jazeera English zond een korte reportage uit over het incident met de ambulancier van Al Awda hospitaal.

Health worker Arafa Abd Al-Dayim died during surgery...

See the press release of Oxfam:

Paramedic Arafa Abd Al-Dayim (33 years old, resident of Beit Hanoun) died
around 1.45 PM, during surgery

At approximately 10 AM one of the 4 ambulance teams of Oxfam partner UHWC
(union of health work committees) in Gaza was shelled during the Israeli
shelling (tank or artillery) on Beit Lahiya, while trying to evacuate an
injured person from previous bombing. The hit happened at the Western Round
About in Beit Lahiya.

The UHWC-ambulance team attempted to evacuate people to Al-Awda Hospital,
one of the medical facilities of UHWC in Jabiliya.

The driver Khalid Sa'ada (driver) was accompanied by 2 paramedics (Ala'
Sarhan and Arafa Abd al-Dayim). The ambulance was shelled while the
paramedics went just outside the ambulance to attend to an injured person.

The 3 UHWC staff were evacuated thanks to the collective effort of the MoH,
Red Crescent and UHWC. They are currently in Al-Awda hospital in Jabaliya
being treated for their injuries.

One of the paramedics, Arafa Abd Al-Dayim (33 years old, resident of Beit
Hanoun) died around 1.45 PM, during surgery, as he suffered a direct injury
to his chest, abdomen (specifically his liver was severely damaged) and
right hand. His colleagues did all they could to save him life. Arafa
leaves behind a wife and 6 children.

The condition of the second paramedics remains critical: Ala' Sarhan (22
year old, single, from Jabaliya refugee camp) is suffering serious injuries
in his feet and abdomen. His right foot was amputated.

Khalid Sa'ada suffered moderate head injuries for shrapnel. Khalid Sa'ada
from Jabaliya refugee camp has 8 children

The UHWC ambulance is completely destroyed.